"About Us"

We are a private Klan that originated from the 1940's. We thrive in mystery. We will accomplish the goals others have failed at. The Association of Georgia Klans is taking new dedicated members. We are old school in structure and ideals, underground in operation, and militant in action. We are looking for those individuals with a strong mind, determination, backbone to get the job done right. We want and will only accept the VERY best into our noble ranks. We are not your everyday Ku Klux Klan.
We are not kids merely playing Klansman. 
                                                           "NON SILBA SED ANTHAR"

"How we operate"

We operate on a State level. This means that we only use the state Grand Dragon as the leader of the Realm.This solves many problems that once plagued the Klan as a whole. We do not have an Imperial Office. There is no Imperial Wizard bringing judgement down upon the members of the Order. There is no Imperial Wizard that controls all of the funds within the Order. There is no application fee. There are no dues. No member needs to wonder where their money is going and what it will be used for. We operate this way because we have all seen Klans crumble over issues regarding funds. This is not an issue with us. Each Realm focuses on the problems and issues within their particular State. This is the ONLY way that we can succeed in accomplishing ANYTHING.

"Klavalier Klub"

We have brought back the Elite order of the Klavaliers.
Soldiers of the Klavalier Klub

Association of Klans, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan