Membership Qualifications



1. White. The Association of Georgia Klans, is a white man's organization dedicated to the interests of the white race. It does exclude from it's membership all colored races, and in this particular it is not unlike many other orders and organizations that permit no mingling of races in their membership. However this Klan requisite means more than just the intention to organize and maintain an institution consisting only of white men. It must be emphasized that the Association of Georgia Klans, was organized to fulfill a much needed mission in urging upon Americans the duty and necessity of preserving America's precious heritage. This country was founded by the  finest elements of the White Race. this government was established by the same superior types of the white race. They passed it on to posterity to be maintained by white men as a white man's country for the white race. They bequeathed to their decendents the responsibility of preserving the integrity of the race by keeping pure the blood of the white man's race. The Klan's contention is that the white race in America must and shall be preserved pure from all blood-taint and kept supreme in all affairs of this white man's country.

2. Gentile.The Association of Georgia Klans, is a Gentile organization to which no man is eligible unless he is a Gentile. This does not mean that it is an anti-semitic movement, even though it does exclude all Semites from its membership. Racially we are distinct and apart from the Jew, and ideally there is very little in common. As a gentile organization, this movement has as its mission the interpretation of the highest ideals of the white Gentile peoples. Only those peoples who are racially related can appreciate and develop racial ideals in common.

Every applicant must not only be "white" and a "Gentile," but also a "male."


1. "Native-born." The Association of Georgia Klans, admits only "Native-born" citizens of the United States of America to its membership. No foreign-born  citizen of any kind can ever enter the portals of the Invisible Empire. This requirement is made, not with the purpose of discriminating against or of challenging the loyalty of any foreign-born white person who has taken the oath of allegience to our American government, but in order to carry out the purpose of forming a Patriotic society composed of only those whos privilege it was to be born under the Stars and Stripes. This is an organized, White, Native born American movement dedicated
to all the high and holy ideals and principles of real American patriotism. It is within its rights in restricting its membership to those who are born in our homeland. It thus seeks to build a homogenous and harmonious movement.

2. Citizenship. The Constitution is very explicit: One must be a "Native-born citizen" and loyal, in that he owes "No allegience of any nature whatsoever to any foreign government, nation, institution, ruler, prince, potentate, dictator, people, or person,"  in order to be eligible to membership in this Order.

4. Religious:

1. Christian. One must be a "Believer in the tenets of the Christian Religion" before he is qualified for admission to membership in the Association of Georgia Klans. This Order is made up of men who are the heirs of the Christian ideals and civilization bequeathed by their fathers.The movement is commited to the preservation and perpetuation of these ideals and the maintenance of this civilization. It must never be forgotten that America was founded upon the principles enunciated by Jesus Christ. True American principles are His principles. No one who denies them can ever be a true Klansman.

5. Mental: 

Every applicant for membership must be of sound mind.

6. Character:

No application should be accepted from any person who is not of "Good character."

7. Reputation:
Every appliant must be a man "Of commendable reputation."

8. Vocation:

Every applicant must be a man who is engaged in a "Respectable vocation."

9. Age:

Every applicant must "Have attained the age of eighteen years."

10. How Membership Is Attainable:

1. By Application. Applications for membership in this Order must be obtained by contacting us throught
the email provided within the "Contact Us" page above.

Dr. Sam Green

Association of Klans, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan